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Chapter 1 - Data Acquisition and Notebooks

Introduction to health data sources and ethics, along with Jupyter Notebooks via Google Colab

📄️ 1.2 Data Licensing & Ethics in Health Informatics

Protecting patient privacy is paramount in the realm of health informatics. While patients contribute a wealth of data to the healthcare ecosystem, it's important to recognize that actual ownership of their data is often limited, particularly when it comes to data generated within Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The complex interplay between patient rights, data ownership, and the healthcare providers' roles underscores the intricate landscape of data licensing.

📄️ 1.7 Google Colab: The Cloud-Based Jupyter Notebook

Python can be a pain in the butt to install locally on your own machine, which means jupyter notebook, which can be installed with a simple pip install notebook or pip install jupyterlab (official documentation found here for installation) can still be difficult dispite it being a simple command to execute in your termal. As an example, depending on if you are on a Mac (M-chip or intel) or PC...there are many difficulities that can arise and error messages that would need to be addressed during the installation process.